Spectacular stars return

Student performers from across NSW returned to their schools today still on a high after the biggest and one of the best Schools Spectaculars ever.

Schools Spectacular Executive Producer Jane Simmons said everyone should be proud to share in the triumph of the 2016 show.

"Schools Spectacular 2016 was amazing," Ms Simmons said.

"With more than 5000 performers and hundreds behind the scenes it was an unbelievably massive show and the audiences were thrilled.

"Every single performer, the incredible teachers and staff who brought it all together at the arena and at school, the students' parents and all who contributed deserve huge applause for the remarkable efforts."

Creative Director Sonja Sjolander said the Schools Spectacular met the challenges of the new Olympic Park venue – the biggest in the 33-year history of the iconic show.

"Schools Spectacular truly lived up to the tradition of the QUDOS Bank Arena which has hosted the biggest names in entertainment," Ms Sjolander said.

"Our cast and crew rank with them as stars"

It lived up to its theme: "Dream Big".

The Schools Spectacular cast officially counted as 5322 for the Guinness World Records ™ title included a 2,700-strong choir; 2,300 dancers; an 80-piece symphony orchestra; a world-class stage band; and more than 40 Featured Artists were described as "Officially Amazing ™".
At times they flooded the arena stage with vibrant intensity while in other intimate scenes performers captured the huge stadium audience with their mesmerising talent.

From classical extravaganzas blending the symphony orchestra and choir to explosions of pulsating rock and pop, the Schools Spectacular colourfully unfolded the broad spectrum of music and dance.

There was something for everyone, including Trekkies with actor and Playschool favourite Jay Laga'aia reprising his Star Wars role with some of Spec's tiniest dancers, before performing with four of his children – all Schools Spectacular cast members.


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