Spectacular wins world title


The Schools Spectacular cast today took part in a historic moment when they set a Guinness World Records ™ title.

With an official count of 5322 they were certified by the global authority on record breaking as achieving the title for the Largest Amateur Variety Act.  

The Schools Spectacular is an annual event, which showcases the talent in NSW public schools and features a variety of acts including a choir, symphony orchestra, stage band and solo performers.

2016 is the event's biggest year yet, with 5,500 students involved, and to mark the occasion, the Department of Education arranged the Official Guinness World Records ™ attempt.

Guinness World Records ™ adjudicator, Solvej Malouf was on hand to verify the title, saying, "It was a pleasure to award this Guinness World Records ™ title to such a talented group of students.

"There was a great energy in the room throughout the entire event and everyone was so excited when the certificate was awarded.

"Congratulations to the Department of Education and all involved in the Schools Spectacular."




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