Best Spectacular seats on sale

Classical ballet dancers at Schools Spectacular

Now is the time to snap up the pick of seats at the 2016 Schools Spectacular.

Tickets have just been released on Ticketek for Australia's most popular annual variety show.

It will be staged at QUDOS Bank Arena in Sydney Olympic Park on Friday and Saturday, 25 and 26 November.

Schools Spectacular Creative Director Sonja Sjolander said this year's outstanding auditions indicate that the bigger show at the new venue will be simply amazing.

"This is going to be a hot ticket item with some of the best talent across NSW all on show on the same stage and I'd encourage everyone to secure their tickets now," Ms Sjolander said.

"Getting in now offers the best choice of vantage points to see the Schools Spectacular which ranges from huge numbers featuring hundreds of performers to intimate dances and song.

"It's a chance to see the stars of the future and be inspired by the talent that abounds in our NSW public schools."

Already more than 400 public schools from across NSW will be represented in the biggest-ever Schools Spectacular with more to come as the Department of Education's Arts Unit continues auditions.

Ms Sjolander said the Schools Spectacular Facebook page offers regularly updated clips of last year's show as well as revealing the latest about Schools Spectacular 2016.


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