Dancers bring Spec a step closer

7 November 2017

Dancers raise arms at end of finale


Several thousand dancers got their first taste of the atmosphere of the 2017 Schools Spectacular when they converged on Qudos Bank Arena at Sydney's Olympic Park for the first combined dance rehearsal last week.

Performers on the arena stage were joined by dancers at four regional schools rehearsing on a Telstra live link through the public schools' Connected Classroom network.

They practised the iconic Schools Spectacular finale as well as going through the paces of the dances they will perform in the show's four performances later this month.

Some rehearsed in costume offering a hint that the Schools Spectacular will again be a kaleidoscope of colour lighting up the giant Qudos Bank Arena.

The dancers are among over 5,700 student performers, including a choir of 2,700 voices, a 100-piece symphony orchestra; world-class stage band, 44 solo singers, 145 featured dancers, the D'Arts Ensemble and the VET Entertainment stage crew.

Now in its 34th year, the Schools Spectacular returns to Qudos Bank Arena where last year it sealed the Guinness World Record for the Largest Amateur Variety Act in the world.

Schools Spectacular Creative Director Sonja Sjolander is confident that this year's show will go a step higher.

"It's going to be mind-blowing," Ms Sjolander said.

"Every student is determined to own their moment in the spotlight.

"Now is the time to book to make sure you see it as it happens.

"It's the most amazing, inspirational show you will ever see.

"Everyone seems to have their own favourite vantage point to get that special perspective on this incredible spectacle, but now is the time to book to ensure that spot is yours."

Bookings for the four Schools Spectacular shows – matinees and evenings on Friday and Saturday, 24 and 25 November - is through or by phoning 132849.


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