Smart and Skilled - skills reform

New South Wales is commencing consultations on the vocational education and training sector aimed at improving workforce skills and productivity. 

All states and territories have agreed through the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to principles of reform designed to support a more productive workforce and to give people the skills they need to participate in work.

NSW education minister Adrian Piccoli said the consultation process, which would help guide the direction of the reform, would include input from business, industry, the NSW vocational education and training system and the community. 

"We want NSW to lead the country in sustainable economic growth, and we can do this by ensuring we have a smart and skilled workforce to lead us into the future," Mr Piccoli said.

Throughout October there will be six community consultations in urban and regional locations, three forums with key stakeholders and a call for written submissions open until 4 November 2011.

Go to the State Training Services website to get information about participating in the consultation process and read the consultation discussion paper.

Read the Minister's media release.


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