Small Talk brings big results

It started as a virtual debating round robin between a dozen far flung Central West small public schools, but the Small Talk final turned out to be a local derby between two rival heritage goldmining villages.

Hill End and Hargraves public schools fought out the ultimate argument of this year's Small Talk debating challenge.

Hill End Public School successfully argued against the proposition "that the money spent on the Olympics would be better spent elsewhere".

Adjudicator, Mumbil Public School Principal Di Farley gave the victory to Hill End Public in a very close decision over Hargraves Public School.

In its third successful year, Small Talk this year brought together more than one hundred debaters from Capertee, Geurie, Hargraves, Hill End, Lue, Mumbil, O'Connell, Sofala, Stuart Town, Trunkey Creek, Wattle Flat and Wollar who were matched virtually using the Department of Education's Connected Classrooms network.

Principal of the victorious Hill End Public School, Christopher Grossett is also the Small Talk Co-ordinator.

"The standard of skills demonstrated within the competition this year has just been incredible," Mr Grossett said.

"Coordinating the competition I have been thrilled to observe students growing in confidence, public speaking and debating skills.

"The competition is proving to be a wonderful initiative to enhance opportunities and experiences for the students and engage them in applying skills taught within class.

"It highlights the innovative ways that small school principals work to expand the learning experiences for their students."


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