Showing off in public

For the past six months public schools have been telling their stories through video as part of The Great Schools 'Show-off' competition. At an event held to close Education Week 2012, the winners were announced.

The videos celebrated the diversity of school communities and the high quality of education the schools offered.  The students, working under the guidance of their teachers, showed what made their school special.

While all the videos showed imagination and flair, the state winners were:

"It's fantastic to see schools telling the greater community what makes them so wonderful, and most importantly, this message is coming from the students," Great Schools 'Show-off' state coordinator Joe Harris said.

Submissions were judged by criteria including the effectiveness of the script, whether it presented the school in a positive light, the quality of its visuals and effective use of voiceovers and music. It was important that the videos were effective, engaging and left viewers with a strong, positive message about the school.

The winning schools receive a Panasonic still camera, high-definition camcorder and 50-inch high-definition plasma television, totalling more than $30,000 in value.


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