Schools stand together against bullying

The education department is encouraging schools across the state to support the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence on 15 March 2013.

The annual day provides a focus for school communities to say Bullying. No way!  and to strengthen their everyday messages that bullying and violence will not be tolerated in NSW public schools.

The message this year is that students, teachers, parents and the whole community can "Stand Together" against bullying and violence. 

Most bullying situations include 'bystanders' - other people who watch or are nearby at the time the bullying takes place. The National Day of Action highlights to all students they can be part of the solution to bullying, exerting a positive influence within their school and by being active bystanders.

Through a series of lesson plans, students discuss what constitutes bullying, how it feels to be vulnerable and how they can support each other in a safe way.

The department believes all students have the right to feel welcome and safe at school, and requires each NSW public schools to have an anti-bullying plan, which is easily available to the whole school community.

School anti-bullying plans explain what is considered to be bullying behaviour and how that behaviour is viewed by the school.

The plan should also outline what responsibilities schools, students and parents have to prevent and respond to bullying behaviour, how bullying can be reported and what will happen when it is.

The education department's website School A to Z also provides resources for parents who believe their child may be affected by bullying.

The resources include videos and articles featuring expert advice on supporting children who are being bullied, who to contact for assistance and dispelling myths about bullying and why it happens.


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