Schools Spectacular congratulates The Voice winner

The success of Anja Nissen, Nine Network's The Voice Australia 2014 winner, will be an inspiration to the thousands of public school students across New South Wales who are preparing for this year's Schools Spectacular.

Anja, aged 18, graduated from Winmalee High School in the Blue Mountains last year with distinguished achiever top band rankings in drama and music 1.

For the past five years (2009-2013) Anja has been selected as a featured artist in the Schools Spectacular – the biggest show of its kind in the world.

Anja was one of four finalists on the 2014 series of The Voice with a Schools Spectacular featured artist pedigree.

The NSW public school graduates were:

  • Sabrina Batshon, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts
  • Megan Longhurst, Inverell High
  • Carlos "C Major" Velazquez, Prairiewood High.

Find out more about the Schools Spectacular go to the show's website and facebook page.


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