Schools Remember Anzac

RSL and Schools Remember ANZAC Commemoration Service

The date for the 2016 Schools Remember ANZAC Service has been set down for Tuesday, 5 April 2016. More information will be forthcoming in Term 1.

The RSL, in conjunction with the Department of Education has conducted a Commemoration Service for school students at the ANZAC Memorial, Hyde Park South since 1953. Originally it involved Sydney Legacy, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Independent Schools and Headmaster and Headmistresses Associations.

The three sectors of Education in NSW (NSW Department of Education, Catholic Education Commission NSW and the Association of Independent Schools of NSW) now support the RSL in the organisation of the Service. The ANZAC Commemoration Service includes student speakers, choir, orchestra, cadets and bearers/orderlies from the three sectors.

All schools are invited to attend with the option of also nominating 1 or 2 student representatives to lay a wreath or flowers during the ceremony. Wreath laying is a major feature in the service and allows a school, through its students, to commemorate the service of the Fallen.


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