Schools donate to flood victims

NSW public school students and staff have reached out to the victims of the Queensland floods by raising more than $420,000 for the devastated public school communities.

From $12 to $4,928, schools both small and large dug deep.

Empire Bay Public School principal Sharon McEvoy said its fundraising involved the whole community.

"Our school captain, Joel Houghton, came to me with his parents with the idea of having a whole of community event," Ms McEvoy said.

"Our fundraiser saw raffles with prizes donated by local businesses and many other activities. We publicised the event on our school board, the local radio station gave out details and even the local postie delivered flyers free of charge.

"And of course, we had our mufti day with more gold coins being donated."

At Merrylands East Public School, its fundraising revolved around safety.

"We had a visit from the SES in the morning, including the popular Paddy the Platypus," Merrylands East principal and NSW State Emergency Service volunteer, John Goh said.

"As well as our students, a lot of the parents came along. We discussed what happens when there is a flood and explained the dangers.

"A lot of our students and their parents come from a non-English-speaking background and are not aware of what to do in an emergency, so we emphasised the importance of the 13 2500 [SES] number."

Bowral High School's music students joined forces to present four concerts in one day.

Performing arts head teacher Michelle Ware said five students wrote songs inspired by the devastation of the floods.

"We had 50 students performing, as well as two teachers.  Our Year 12 entertainment course students ran the sound, lighting and stage management for the concerts," Ms Ware said.

"The quality of the performances was outstanding!"


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