New school for south western Sydney

A former private school in south-western Sydney has been purchased by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and will be redeveloped for use as a public primary school from next year.

The new school, on the site of the former Hope Christian School, is situated adjacent to Narellan Public School, and will service a rapidly growing area of the city.

 "The population growth in the Camden Local Government Area is predicted to see more than 20,000 new dwellings built in the next 12 to 15 years in the suburbs of Oran Park, Spring Farm, Elderslie, Gregory Hills and Harrington Grove," NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said.

"The school will cater for students from these new developments until planned new general schools begin operation in the coming years," Mr Piccoli said.

South Western Sydney, regional director, Murat Dizdar welcomed this development.

 "The purchase of an existing school, which initially requires only minor upgrades, is an opportunity which does not eventuate often," Mr Dizdar said.

"As new developments within the Camden Local Government Area intensify and new schools are built, the current site has the potential to convert to a special school meeting the educational needs of special needs students and their families into the future.

"This acquisition will negate the need to have demountable classrooms in neighbouring schools while additional schools are built in the local government area.

"This is a win-win result for our existing public schools, future public schools, students and families in the area," Mr Dizdar said.


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