Media release - Rural and remote education blueprint

The NSW Government has announced a detailed plan to improve student learning in rural and remote public schools across New South Wales and reduce the gap in educational achievement between rural and urban schools.

The Rural and Remote Education Blueprint for Action commits the government to a set of actions and allocates up to $80 million over the next four years.

The rural and remote education strategy will:

  • strengthen early childhood education for children in rural and remotes communities
  • give students in rural and remote schools access to a broad range of curriculum opportunities, particularly for gifted and talented students
  • provide new incentives to attract and retain quality teachers and school leaders to rural and remote schools
  • better support schools to meet local student needs by establishing 15 specialist centres to offer coordinated inter-agency health and wellbeing services.

The strategy complements and builds on the broad education reform agenda, which includes Local Schools, Local Decisions, Great Teaching, Inspired Learning and Connected Communities.

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Media release
Rural and Remote Education Blueprint for Action


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