Richard Gill's new Chair

Mr Richard Gill AO has been appointed the inaugural occupant of the King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) Conservatorium Chair in Music Education at the Conservatorium High School in Sydney.

The internationally-recognised conductor, opera director and music educator will provide an institutional base for an innovative range of Australian educational projects across the Conservatorium's unique secondary and tertiary role.

Richard Gill
The Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, Mr Mark Scott, warmly welcomed the announcement of the Chair by KWM Partner and Public Education Foundation Board Member Mr David Friedlander at NSW Government House on Friday, 18 November.

"The Conservatorium High School's outstanding reputation can only be enhanced by this opportunity to share more broadly its specialist expertise," said Mr Scott.

"The Chair will open new opportunities for Mr Gill to mentor teachers, and to deliver outreach programs for students in regional and remote areas, through the Conservatorium's state-of-the-art technology.

"The Department and the school would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to King & Wood Mallesons for their contribution, which will be managed in collaboration with the Public Education Foundation."

Throughout his career Mr Gill has been a passionate advocate of the importance of music in the education of all children. He has been Director of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's Education Program and is currently Artistic Advisor for the Education Program of Musica Viva.


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