Review of government funding for NSW early childhood education

An independent review will examine the allocation of funds for early childhood education.

The NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, announced the review today, adding that the current funding system is inequitable for families and unnecessarily complex for service providers.

"Although more than $220 million from the state and federal governments is allocated to early childhood education in New South Wales this year, we lag behind other states and territories in both participation rates and affordability," Mr Piccoli said. 

"This situation is unacceptable, with considerable international research showing quality early childhood education can significantly improve a child's later life health and economic prospects.

"The review will recommend strategies and actions to help guide future funding of early childhood education programs to the benefit of future generations of young people."

The review will be conducted by Professor Deborah Brennan from the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of NSW.

A discussion paper on the  review will soon be made available and submissions invited from the early childhood education and care sector.

Recommendations resulting from the review are expected to be presented to the NSW Government by the end of 2011.

More than 178,000 NSW children attend some form of early childhood education, such as preschools or long day care centres, run by approximately 2400 providers.


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More information

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