Replacing unflued gas heaters

The NSW Government will replace unflued gas heaters with flued gas heaters when the majority of heaters in a school reach the end of their serviceable life.

The NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, said the decision was consistent with an independent study conducted last year that assessed the health risks associated with the use of unflued gas heaters.

The study - Environmental Health Risk Assessment of School Heating Options-stated: "if a decision is made to replace unflued gas heaters with flued gas heaters, this should occur as they reach the end of their useful lives".

Mr Piccoli said the Government had completed a program to replace unflued gas heaters in the state's coldest schools, and that all new public schools and new school buildings will be fitted with flued gas heaters.

While the great majority of unflued school gas heaters are low emission, the Department of Education and Communities – on the recommendation of the assessment – will spend $7 million next financial year replacing the remaining 2,800 higher emission heaters on the state's North Coast.

The cost of replacing all 48,000 low emission unflued gas heaters in NSW public schools is estimated at $300 million.


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