Regular assessments to provide better maintenance

Every public school in New South Wales will have the condition of its buildings and grounds assessed regularly to establish their maintenance needs.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said such  assessments will now occur every two years and involve the principal of each school to ensure local knowledge is taken into account.

"Regular condition assessments will ensure our 2,231 public  schools have their emerging, urgent maintenance needs dealt with in a more timely and efficient manner, rather than relying on out-of-date information," Mr Piccoli said.

"Results from the round of assessments about to start will be complete in time to be considered in the 2012–2013 State Budget."

Mr Picccoli said prioritising the work will take account of various factors, including health, safety, statutory requirements, functionality, security and, in some cases, heritage.

This process will ensure fairness in establishing the relative importance of maintenance work, and better information from regular condition assessments will enable funding to be spent as efficiently as possible.


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