Regional and rural school bus safety under review

A committee examining school bus safety in regional and rural NSW is calling for public submissions.

Parents, schools, bus drivers, bus companies, students and other individuals and groups are invited to make comments, recommendations or provide information to the School Bus Safety Community Advisory Committee.

The committee consists of road safety experts, transport operators, parents and school representatives. The independent chair is Carolyn Walsh, a commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

The committee's terms of reference are:

Assess the status of school bus safety in regional and rural NSW.
Consider the full range of school bus safety measures, with reference to national and international experience.

Recommend the most effective ways to make school bus travel as safe as possible.

"With more than 60,000 students across regional and rural NSW travelling to and from school each day, it is very important that we thoroughly examine all issues surrounding their safety," Ms Walsh said.

"Examples of issues that may be raised include infrastructure and school routes, bus design including seat belts, scheduling, driver training and performance or safety issues off the bus like activities around bus stops."

The closing date for submissions is 23 September 2011. All submissions will be published unless there is a request from the author that they remain confidential.

Submissions can be submitted via email to: or mailed to:

Carolyn Walsh
Independent Chair
School Bus Safety Community Advisory Committee
C/- Department of Transport
PO Box K659

Further information about the committee and information about making a submission can be obtained from the committee secretariat on (02) 9689 8838 or on the committee's website.


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