Public education local heroes honoured

A group of "public education every day heroes" were honoured through the Director-General's Award for Excellent Service to Public Education.

The department's Director-General Michele Bruniges said the annual awards were presented to individuals who have made a significant contribution to public education and training in New South Wales.

"These individuals are outstanding examples of the dedication of staff who work in and with schools and TAFE colleges in this state," Dr Bruniges said.

"It is often the case that those who best exemplify excellence in commitment and practice are the least likely to make their work known, so it is doubly important that we take the opportunity to recognise their contribution publicly."

Among the 30 recipients in 2012 were principals, teachers, health and safety professionals, school administrative staff, support staff, special education coordinators, volunteers and boarding school house managers.

"It is these individuals' dedication and commitment that makes our public education and training system world-class," Dr Bruniges said.

"I think it's appropriate that this award is named the Director-General Award for Excellent Service to Public Education because as Director-General I could not be more grateful to these people for the very fine work they do every day.

"They work with diligence and commitment in our system of schools and TAFE institutes providing the culture and the means for our students to succeed," she said.

Director-General's Award for Excellent Service to Public Education 2012 recipients

Patricia Archer – injury management adviser, South Western Sydney Regional Office

Beth Attwood – administrative support officer, Schools Sydney Regional Office

Allison Blight – head teacher, PD/H/PE Callaghan College, Waratah Technology Campus

Sue Bodnar – acting administration officer, Riverwood Office

Carol Broadley – head teacher, student welfare, Mudgee High School

Stephanie Brown – deputy principal, Denison College of Secondary Education – Kelso High Campus

Christine Campbell – head teacher, welfare, Illawarra Sports High School

Gregory Carlon – head teacher, science, Smiths Hill High School

Frances Cassettari – head teacher, support Kingswood High School

Diane Duffy – teacher, St George Girls High School

Christine Egan – school administrative officer, Fort Street High School

Zachary Ekandi – multicultural education coordinator TAFE NSW – Hunter Institute

Jo-anne Ellis – teacher, Narromine Public School

John Etheridge – furniture support officer, Asset Management Unit, New England Region

Jenny Hazelton – head teacher, welfare, TAFE NSW – Western Institute

Debra Jolley – director, business and finance, TAFE NSW – South Western Sydney Institute

Stephen Jones – deputy principal, Mudgee High School

Camille Kenny – school administrative officer, Canley Vale Public School

Neil Milton – teacher-in-charge, manufacturing, TAFE NSW – Western Institute

Noel Morris – deputy principal, St George Girls High School

Adrian Mort – principal, Westmead Public School

Roslynne Moxham – principal Fort Street High School

Jorja O'Connell – customer support officer, TAFE NSW – Hunter Institute

Lee Preston – principal, Tamworth Public School

Deborah Snaith – head teacher, Agriculture Macintyre High School

Zoe Van-Stolk – head teacher, special education, Chifley College – Mt Druitt Campus

Alan Walker – principal, Gulgong Public School

Stephen Walter – volunteer, Valentine Public School

Eric White – campus service officer, TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute

Shirley Worley – catering manager, girls' house mother, Yanco Agricultural High School.

Photo: The department's Director-General Michele Bruniges with award recipient Camille Kenny.


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