Principal appointed to new North Shore high school

2 July 2014

The inaugural principal of the new government high school serving Sydney's North Shore will be Kathy Melky, the current deputy principal of North Sydney Girls High School.

Ms Melky is a highly experienced educator who has taught and held executive positions in a number of schools in the greater Sydney area.

She was selected on merit from a field of highly qualified applicants and will take up her post from the start of Term 4 this year.

Her experience will be critical in establishing the school's ethos of delivering excellence and innovation in education, and opportunity and success to its students.

The comprehensive, coeducation high school will open in Term 1 2015 in refurbished facilities on the site of the current Bradfield College in Crows Nest.

The college will have moved to new facilities at the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE in St Leonards.


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