Premier's Spelling Bee goes mobile

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Looking for a great way to practise your spelling for the NSW Premier's Spelling Bee?

To coincide with the launch of the 2012 wordlist, the Premier's Spelling Bee app is now available for download through Samsung Apps.

It features almost 3,000 words and sentences used in the spelling bee initiative, which is aimed at primary school-aged children. The free app has junior and senior primary categories with levels of spelling words that increase in difficulty.

The game, which features Australian accents, randomly selects words from the chosen level.

Spelling bee coordinator Lloyd Cameron said the official Premier's Spelling Bee app would give students more ways than ever to test their spelling ability using tablets or smartphones while on the go.

"Whether it's on the bus on the way home, chatting with friends or waiting for dinner, students can now run through official wordlists at the touch of a button," he said.

"With more than 122,000 students taking part in the event this year, more students than ever before will be studying their wordlists."

The app is supported by the spelling bee competition's principal sponsor Samsung and official wordlist provider Macquarie Dictionary.

It is presented by the NSW Government resource for parents of school-aged children, School A to Z.

Spelling vital in the digital world

Samsung Australia's head of content and retention Luke Steele, said in today's digital world, "where an individual may use three or four written communication platforms each day, accurate spelling is vitally important".

"The Spelling Bee app jointly developed by Samsung and the NSW Department of Education and Communities offers students a fun way of learning how to spell, and along the way raises young people's awareness of the importance of literacy," Mr Steele said.

"Samsung Australia is delighted to be the principal sponsor of the Premier's Spelling Bee and we are excited about delivering such a rich and educational experience to children through our devices."

The Premier's Spelling Bee app is available for download on Samsung Android smartphones and tablets via Samsung Apps. For more information on the app, visit the Samsung Apps website.

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