Premier's Spelling Bee

Saccharose, phlegmatic, gymkhana and pianissimo. These are just some of the words students had to grapple with in the 2016 Premier's Spelling Bee.

Held on Wednesday 9 November at the ABC's Eugene Goossens Hall in Ultimo, this year's winners were Hurstville South Public School's Emmu Bu and Bungendore Public School's Christina Hood, who won the junior and senior final, respectively. Their final successful words were "rudimentary" and "expeditious".

Open to all NSW government primary, central and community schools this year's Spelling Bee saw more than 136,000 students from 940 schools compete in two divisions – Junior for Years Three and Four, and Senior for Years Five and Six, with 43 contestants participating in each final.

Since the Spelling Bee was launched in 2004, with just 800 students, it has become the largest spelling bee in the country and a great tool in building on NSW's internationally recognised literacy results.

Emma Bu Premier's Spelling Bee winner
Emma Bu with the Hon. Mike Baird

Christina Hood - Premier's Spelling Bee winner
Christina Hood with Juanita Phillips


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