Photography team a picture of success

 Kincumber High student standing next to his winning photo.

Kincumber High School students were voted among the best in the Federal Government's inaugural My Region photography competition.

More than 2,200 people entered the competition with Kincumber High School captain Josh Favaloro winning the People's Choice with a photo of Copacabana Beach called Beauty in the Beast.

Josh has enjoyed photography since he was about 13 years old.

When asked what he liked about the image he submitted, Josh said he had never seen such a terrifying storm in such a nice place.

"So I quickly skated home to grab my camera and headed back down to the beach," Josh said.

Kincumber High teacher Maryellen Gillard said while Josh had won the people's choice award, which was presented in Canberra by Federal Minister Simon Crean, other students had also been successful in the people's poll.

Jasmine Ruperez, Year 12, came fourth with her picture Luminescent Harbourside, Owen Milne, Year 10, came fifth with Flushing and Lachlan Roberts, Year 10, No Worries Mate was voted into the 20th spot.

Former student Jack Small came third with his photo Avoca Beach.

 "This has been a fantastic result for our students and is a testament to their skills and the school's excellent photography department, which is one of the best," Sandra McNaught, Kincumber High photography teacher said.

Jasmine's image was of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night.

"I just had to capture it because the lights just looked so beautiful as they reflected on the water's surface," Jasmine said.

Owen thought his photo of a waterfall at Somersby Falls looked cold and chilling, but also calm and flowing.

"I enjoy that every day through a lens looks different," Owen said.

Lachlan took his photo of the Australian War Memorial in black and white to give it emotion.

"I was totally shocked at how many names of soldiers were on the walls in the Hall of Remembrance," Lachlan said.

To get the impact of the photo, Lachlan stood so the lens was facing straight down the wall to give the feel that the wall stretches on forever, "as does the list of the dead".

Photo: Geoff Comfort Photography


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