Outstanding HSC results

Results for the 2012 Higher School Certificate have been outstanding with more than half of the NSW Board of Studies First in Course places being awarded to NSW public school students.

The department's relieving Director-General Pam Christie said the state's public education system was producing top academic achievers regardless of where a student chose to study.

"The achievements of our students right across New South Wales make us very proud, particularly as they were achieved from among more than 70,000 candidates who sat the 2012 HSC," Ms Christie said.

"Public school students gained 67 of the 124 New South Wales Board of Studies First in Course places, with six First in Course places going to TAFE NSW students.

"Results in maths and science are particularly notable, with first places in chemistry, physics, maths extension 1, and maths extension 2.

"Public school students also achieved more than 50 per cent of first places in language subjects.

"Regional public schools were strongly represented, with eight First in Course places, and comprehensive (non-selective) schools achieving an outstanding 23 places on the First in Course list.

"TAFE NSW students have also achieved remarkably well, as have the public selective schools.

"The hard work of our teachers and staff cannot be overlooked in the outstanding results of HSC 2012, so I would like to thank them for their efforts in helping all students achieve their best.

Ms Christie said support and encouragement provided by family and friends to HSC students also needed to be acknowledged "because this too would have been an important influence on the final results".


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