Opportunity knocks for Aboriginal students

The NSW Government has announced a call for expressions of interest from non-government organisations to coordinate and match local education, training and employment opportunities that lead to sustainable jobs for young Aboriginal people.

The education and employment services – known as Opportunity Hubs – are part of the government's plan for Aboriginal affairs, OCHRE (Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility, Empowerment).

The NSW Department of Education and Communities is seeking EOIs to operate hubs in two communities – Dubbo and the Upper Hunter. Two additional communities wanting to be part of the trial will be announced shortly.

Supporting students at school

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Victor Dominello said the hubs will assess the aspirations of Aboriginal students between Years 5 and 12 and match them with local opportunities to support them to stay at school and transition into work.

"Hubs will act as a bank for local employers, universities and TAFEs to deposit opportunities including employment, training, mentoring, scholarships or volunteer work," Mr Dominello said.  

"Through brokering partnerships between schools, employers and education providers, we can get smarter about matching students to jobs." 

Expression of interest process

Organisations wanting to operate an Opportunity Hub in Dubbo or the Upper Hunter have until 9.30am on 24 September to lodge an expression of interest.

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