Opportunities for future teachers

Wanting to kick-start your career as a teacher in a NSW public school? New opportunities for future teachers are now available to HSC students, current university students, including final year students, and career changers.

Teacher Education Scholarships

Up to 300 scholarships are available to students wishing to train as teachers in high demand subject areas (mathematics, physics, English, special education or selected technological and applied studies subjects). These scholarships allow students to be paid to study and secure employment as a teacher in NSW public schools.

Up to 80 of these scholarships are exclusively available for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students to train as teachers in primary or any secondary subject.

There are also up to 50 teach.Rural Scholarships for HSC students willing to teach in rural and remote locations in any subject area.

Cadetships and internships

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning Cadetships and Internships offer part-time work as operational and educational paraprofessionals under the guidance and supervision of experienced teachers while completing teacher education studies. Cadets and interns are remunerated for their time and guaranteed a permanent teaching position on completion of their studies. 

Incentive Scholarship Program

Students in their final two semesters of teacher education studies can be rewarded with financial benefits and a guaranteed permanent teaching appointment once they've completed their training to become a teacher of either mathematics, physics, special education (K-12), or Technological and Applied Studies through the Incentive Scholarship Program.

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