NSW performs well in literacy and numeracy tests

Students in NSW continue to perform well in comparison to students in other states and territories, results from the latest national literacy and numeracy tests show.

NSW ranked in the top three for mean scores and percentages in the highest band on all 2011 National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments except Year 7 and Year 9 writing.

NSW students also had the highest NAPLAN participation rates of any state or territory.

Education minister Adrian Piccoli said his key focus is on NSW students who are below or just above the national minimum standard.

He said the implementation of the Government's Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan, including the recruitment of 900 additional teachers over five years, would lead to further improvements.

"There is a lot of focus on the literacy and numeracy skills of our students," Mr Piccoli said.

"While they are not and should not be the sole focus of school education they are the building blocks of learning."

Mr Piccoli said the NAPLAN results showed that numeracy and writing in Years 7 and 9 were areas in need of improvement.

He said that NSW teachers would be able to access a sophisticated software package–SMART—that analysed test information.

 "This allows our schools to analyse performance in NAPLAN and other assessments and deliver tailored intervention programs to improve student learning outcomes," he said.

Mr Piccoli said students will soon receive their NAPLAN reports and parents should contact their child's teacher if they have any concerns or questions.

Read the Minister's media release for more highlights of NAPLAN 2011.


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