NSW to delay implementation of Australian curriculum

The implementation of Australian curriculum changes in English, mathematics, science and history for Kindergarten to Year 10 students will be delayed for NSW schools.

The Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, said the NSW Government and the NSW Board of Studies were committed to close consultation with teachers and schools.

"I have listened to the feedback on the Australian curriculum from teachers, and it is clear more time is needed," Mr Piccoli said.

"When we introduce new curriculum in New South Wales we allow time for schools to have a year for thorough planning and a second year to introduce the curriculum into our classrooms.

"Teachers and schools need to know exactly what will be asked of them in the next few years, so they can think ahead and continue to provide the high standards of education we are used to in New South Wales."

NSW schools would not be required to begin the planning phase for the Australian curriculum until 2013, with the curriculum moving to the classroom teaching phase from 2014.


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