NSW the State of Debate

On the eve of the final State of Origin rugby league game earlier this month another heated final was taking place between NSW and Queensland schools - the State of Debate.

But unlike the Origin rugby league game where Queensland took the trophy, NSW public school Endeavour Sports High was crowned the inaugural debating champion.

Held at Rugby League Central in Moore Park, the National Rugby League Museum initiative was designed to engage students from NSW and Queensland in debating themes of sport, ethics and wellbeing.

It aimed to empower young people through an open and inclusive dialogue where the freedom to express ideas, insights and beliefs was valued and celebrated.

Ban on sports betting debated

The department's speaking competitions coordinator Lloyd Cameron said the event's topic was ‘that we should ban sports betting'.

He said it was a great opportunity for students to deal with a very contentious issue.

"The whole point of it was to get them talking about these issues - one of the appeals was the whole novelty factor having NSW against a Queensland team and to mirror the adult sporting contest."

Mr Cameron, who was one of three adjudicators, said Endeavour Sports High argued convincingly that sports betting had a detrimental effect on society, that it corrupted sport itself and that it was exploiting a younger generation.

Palm Beach Currumbin countered by arguing a total ban was paternalistic and would impact on revenue available for other purposes.


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