Students bunker down for HSC

More than 73,000 year 12 students in NSW have now started the written component of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams.

 "These exams are the culmination of much hard work by students, their teachers, and by parents and carers, over many years, and we wish them all the best," said Premier Barry O'Farrell.

 "Most of the HSC students I speak to say that whilst nerves are always part of the picture they are glad the day has arrived," Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli added.

This year sees a change in scheduling with the first exam held after lunch. The afternoon start with English on day one has two advantages for students – time to get plenty of sleep and the opportunity for all students to experience the start to the HSC written examinations at the same time.

HSC written exams will be held over 19 days from Monday 15 October to Thursday 8 November. There will be 117 different exam papers. The first exams are English ESL, standard and advanced, and the last are design and technology, Latin extension and visual arts.

President of the Board of Studies NSW, Tom Alegounarias, said the HSC is a quality credential that is recognised by tertiary education providers and employers worldwide.

"Students with an HSC can be assured that they hold a much respected credential that displays their capabilities across a wide range of skills," Mr Alegounarias said.

"The Board of Studies works to ensure students who receive the HSC have met standards that will place them in good stead for the next chapter in their lives - be that onto university, straight into the workforce or taking time out to travel.

"We recognise that today's students will be the future decision makers in society and we want them to have a well-rounded education," he added.


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