NSW public school educators in WWI & WWII

The biographical details of NSW public school teachers and education department officers who enlisted in World War I and World War II have been brought to life in digital form for the first time, the culmination of a remarkable publishing project.

The Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, this week launched on the NSW Public Schools website the New South Wales Department of Education Record of Service in Two World Wars, a three-volume work written by Tom White, a former public school teacher, principal and district school inspector.

Mr White served on the Western Front during WWl, including the battlefields of Ypres, Polygon Wood, and Villers-Bretonneux.

In October 1917, he was seriously injured in a mustard gas attack at Passchendaele – the effects of which he suffered for the rest of his life.

Following his retirement from the department in 1950, Mr White began his research and writing in 1951, and completed his extraordinary project in 1958. The volumes remained unpublished at the time of his death in 1962.

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