NSW joins international forum

The NSW Department of Education and Communities has joined a prestigious US-based international school curriculum forum that includes Harvard and Stanford universities, and the Finnish Board of Education among its members.

The not-for-profit Center for Curriculum Redesign brings together non-government organisations, academic institutions, corporations and foundations with the key focus of creating school curriculum that meets the needs of students in the 21st century.

The department's director-general, Dr Michele Bruniges, said the centre aims to bring a better balance in curriculum between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and to bring together educational leaders so they can work together, pool their expertise and learn from each other.

"In many instances, the centre believes today's school curriculum is crowded with outdated content," Dr Bruniges said.

"The centre creates a forum for conversations between experts on a global level to both ‘clean up' curriculum and determine what must be added to meet 21st century needs.

"The long-term benefits of participating in, and contributing to, the centre's work will considerably assist teaching and learning in New South Wales public schools.

"Centre membership identifies this state as an education leader in Australia and internationally."

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said the invitation to join the centre was a "tremendous honour for NSW".


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