Festival of Instrumental Music goes global

Thousands of excited young musicians from the length and breadth of NSW recently converged on the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall for the annual Festival of Instrumental Music.

Played to a sold out audience, the students performed a repertoire that spanned genres from the medieval, classical, jazz and contemporary.

In addition to the live performance, a simultaneous live web-stream was trialled for the Mimosa concert. Almost 2,000 people watched the concert on their computers together with the audience at the Sydney Opera House.

The concert was streamed across Australia and included viewers from Israel, USA, UK, South Africa and Germany who reported seeing their family member performing.

"I felt like I was there with my grandson," reported a grandmother from Israel who together with her co-workers stopped work at midday to view the concert.

The Festival of Instrumental Music has gone global!

The Festival of Instruments is produced by the Department of Education and Communities' arts unit.

Link to Flash presentation: https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/media/downloads/news/yr2013/sep/soundslider.swf


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