NSW digs deep for Queensland mates

Julie Grantham with students Muaz Hadda, Ashraf Nesirwan, Isobelle Murphy and Nathan Hayes.Queensland public school communities will benefit from almost $500,000 in funds raised by NSW public schools to assist those schools affected by the January floods.

A giant cheque for $451,000, representing monies raised by NSW public schools for flood-affected Queensland school communities, was handed over to the Director-General of the Queensland Department of Education and Training, Julie Grantham.

On top of this, NSW public schools have donated $28,000 directly to SchoolAid.

Gundaroo Public School and Punchbowl Boys High School principals and students spoke on behalf of all NSW public schools, telling how they had raised money for the Queensland flood victims.

Punchbowl Boys High principal Jihad Dib said the school actively promoted the message of reaching out to other people.

"It's important for our boys to have empathy for other people," he said.

Gundaroo principal Sue Kominek agreed.

"On the fundraising day, we actually wore the colours of all the states to emphasise that many parts of Australia have suffered recently," she said.

The Director-General of the NSW Department of Education and Training, Michael Coutts-Trotter, thanked the many people who had helped raise funds.

He said many people felt an overwhelming need to reach out and help.

Ms Grantham thanked everyone for their generosity and spoke of the joy born from the sadness of the floods as so many people came forward to help.

The Maroon for a Day event, held in NSW public schools in February, was part of a national SchoolAid fundraising initiative.

The Queensland government will be working with SchoolAid in the coming weeks as to how make the best use of the funds raised.

Photo: Julie Grantham with students Muaz Hadda, Ashraf Nesirwan, Isobelle Murphy and Nathan Hayes.


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Maroon for a Day

NSW Public Schools can still send in money they have collected for Maroon for a Day.