NSW calls for increased education funding

The NSW Government has released its final submission to the Australian Government's review of school funding and called on the Commonwealth to increase its investment in education to help make it internationally competitive.

NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, said Australia currently invested 3.5 per cent of GDP on early childhood and school education.

"This significantly lags the OECD average of 4.2 per cent," Mr Piccoli said.

The NSW submission calls for the Commonwealth Government to recognise the changing needs of Australia's economy and society by aiming for higher standards in any school funding model.

Mr Piccoli said the future would require students to have higher levels of literacy and numeracy as well as broader skills that equipped them for further study.

"We must set more ambitious national targets and use existing data to better understand student performance across the range of achievement in order to raise expectations and address underachievement," he said. 

Mr Piccoli said school funding mechanisms needed to direct resources to those students with the highest level of disadvantage and educational need, including students from rural and regional areas who were on average 18 months behind their city counterparts.

Read the NSW Government's submission to the Review of Funding for Schooling.

Read the Minister's media release.


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