NSW Budget – record funding for education and training

The NSW Government has allocated a record $13.95 billion for education, training and early childhood education in the 2013-14 Budget.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the allocation represents an increase of $524 million on last year's education expenditure.

National Education Reform Agreement

The agreement between the NSW and Commonwealth governments—based on recommendations of the Review of Funding for Schooling, chaired by David Gonski—will deliver $5 billion of additional schools investment from 2014 to 2019.

In line with the National Education Reform Agreement, provision has been made for the $153 million in additional state and federal funding for the 2014 school year.

Government schools

The 2013-14 Budget provides $10.24 billion for government schools, including $320 million on school maintenance.

New schools and upgraded facilities

Total capital expenditure for 2013-14 is estimated at $530 million.

Increased funding of $100 million over four years will be directed to school infrastructure to build new schools and upgrade existing facilities.

Five new schools will be delivered in the lower North Shore, Spring Farm, The Ponds, Strathfield and Crows Nest.

Fourteen schools and TAFE colleges will be upgraded.

Non-government schools

The Budget provides $995 million to support non-government schools.

Vocational education and training

$2.3 billion is allocated for vocational education and training through TAFE NSW institutes and other registered training providers.

Early childhood education and care

$301 million is allocated for early childhood education and care.

Curriculum, development

$4 million is allocated to start consultation and development of interactive NSW senior secondary syllabuses that incorporate the Australian curriculum for English, mathematics, science and history.


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