NSW Budget announced

The NSW Government has handed down the 2016 - 17 Budget today announcing record education spending.

A $1 billion boost in infrastructure funding over four years will help deliver new classrooms and schools, and address a backlog of maintenance needs.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said the record education expenditure will help respond to the increase in student enrolments.

"We want to ensure growing neighbourhoods have the schools that families will need into the future," Mr Piccoli said.

"That is why the 2016-17 Budget commits almost $1 billion of additional funding on infrastructure over the next four years to respond to enrolment growth, including the new $400 million Schools Infrastructure Strategy to focus specifically on growth areas.

"There is also a substantial boost to the NSW Government's maintenance program to keep our public schools in the best possible condition."

For more details on education expenditure in the Budget read:

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