New youth program

A new Youth Opportunities program launched today will focus on mentoring and other strategies to help young people be leaders in their local communities.

The $3.1 million program launched by the Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Victor Dominello will support innovative youth leadership projects across NSW.

"With the right chances and the right choices, young people have so much to offer our society," Mr Dominello said.

"Everyone benefits when young people are fully involved in community life – they bring vitality and fresh perspective and can feel rightfully recognised for their positive contributions."


Youth and community organisations and local government can apply for grants of up to $50,000 for one-off, time-limited projects. A total of $2.6 million in grant funding is available. A further $500,000 in funding will be allocated to targeted initiatives, such as fostering local government and civic engagement among young people, linking young graduates with employers, and helping young Aboriginal people get the driver's licenses that help them get jobs.

Grant applications open today (27 June) and close 30 July. For more information about Youth Opportunities, go to


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