New tertiary pathway program an Australian first

Students studying accounting at TAFE NSW will be able to gain higher education qualifications under a new program.

Under the three-year program, students will study at TAFE NSW for the first two years completing an Associate Degree of Accounting, after which they can progress to the third year of a university bachelor degree.

Students who choose not to progress to the degree stage can apply to be registered as a Business Activity Statement (BAS) agent.

Education minister Adrian Piccoli, who launched the program at the Port Macquarie College of the TAFE NSW North Coast Institute, said the tertiary pathway initiative was the first of its kind in Australia.

"The NSW Government is committed to providing students, particularly those in rural and regional NSW, with more opportunities to gain higher education qualifications that can lead to employment and strengthen local economies," Mr Piccoli said.

"The tertiary pathway initiative delivers on this commitment by offering an additional, accessible pathway to higher education, which is especially important for people who have not had the opportunity to take part in higher education, including people from low socio-economic communities, rural and regional communities and Indigenous Australians."

It is proposed that students will be able to commence the new program in 2012 at six TAFE NSW locations at four metropolitan and two regional locations:

  • northern Sydney
  • Sydney
  • south-western Sydney
  • western Sydney
  • North Coast
  • Riverina.


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