New online resource for parents

Parents will be able to support their child's learning with a new purpose-built resource that includes a website, mobile applications and social media channels.

The School A to Z online school community provides practical advice about homework, tips on learning, wellbeing, technology and resources to help parents and carers support their child's social, physical and mental development.

Education minister Adrian Piccoli launched School A to Z during a visit to Banksmeadow Public School in Sydney's south-east.

School A to Z includes a free mobile application for iPad and smartphones that features hundreds of definitions about maths and English terms, illustrated examples and instructional videos, information on common assignment topics, educational maths and spelling games.

It will enable even the busiest of parents to have access to some of the state's best teachers and subject area experts at the times when they're most needed.

The concept – an Australian first - was developed in response to parent concerns about not being able to confidently support their child's learning at home and involved the department's curriculum experts, teachers and parents from across NSW.

School A to Z also includes:

  • forums on Facebook and Twitter to allow parents to share experiences, tips and hints online
  • printable homework help sheets
  • A-Z lists of English, maths and technology definitions
  • assignment starters on popular classroom topics.

The site offers information on technology and resources on how to keep kids safe online, along with nutritious lunch box recipes and a section on health and wellbeing.

The Federation of Parents and Citizens' Association NSW president, Helen Walton, said: "What I really like about School A to Z is that it supports parents getting involved in their child's education and it gives them tools to do just that."

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