New minister recognises quality teachers

The Minister with Roneel Sharma

Five early career teachers and a teacher with 20 years' experience got a pleasant surprise when the NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, arrived at their school to present them with certificates.

In one of his first ministerial duties, Mr Piccoli presented five teachers at Hebersham Public School with their accreditation at professional competence level with the NSW Institute of Teachers.

One of the teachers, Roneel Sharma, who teaches Years 5 and 6, said he was "a bit overwhelmed" at the occasion.

"I felt very privileged and honoured to have received the certificate from the new minister as it was such an important step in my career," Mr Sharma said.

"I really wanted a job that was rewarding and I think this is the most rewarding job and the most difference I can make to an individual's life."

Mr Piccoli also presented Dianne Scholz, support teacher learning assistance, with a certificate to mark her 20 years of service to public education. He also met with students in the library.

Hebersham Public's principal Sue Connell said students and staff were "absolutely thrilled" at the opportunity to meet the new minister, who visited the school with Pam Christie, the acting director-general of the Department of Education and Communities.

Mrs Connell said the minister was "very much at home with our students and interested in talking about their learning".

"He was very much in tune with the notion of early intervention and how important it is for children in disadvantaged areas so that they can get the best start possible," she said.


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