New Managing Director of TAFE NSW

Pam Christie has been appointed to the role of Managing Director of TAFE NSW.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli welcomed the appointment, saying Ms Christie is held in high regard by TAFE staff and the TAFE Commission Board, and in industry as a champion of vocational education and training in New South Wales.

"This change follows my announcement about the separation of the functions of the Managing Director from those of the Director-General of the Department of Education and Communities," Mr Piccoli said.

"It will achieve separation and transparency between TAFE NSW as the public provider and the Department of Education and Communities as the funder and policy maker for the broader vocational education and training sector.

"Pam has shown great leadership over the past few years as Deputy Director-General, TAFE and Community Education and before this as institute director, TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute.

"Now, as Managing Director, Pam will continue to lead TAFE NSW through the current reforms and ensure TAFE NSW continues to succeed and innovate into the future.

"I congratulate Pam on this most important appointment."


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