New K–10 syllabuses launched online

Teachers can now access syllabuses – including Australian curriculum content – online.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli today launched the new English, mathematics, history and science syllabuses for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. The Board of Studies NSW coordinated the syllabus development process, which included wide consultation with teachers, parent bodies, academics, teacher unions and professional associations across all education sectors.

"We asked teachers about the best way to deliver curriculum and we acted on their feedback," Mr Piccoli said.

"The result is a ‘teacher friendly' curriculum in a format that is clean, innovative and easy to use in the classroom and gives the capacity to link to worldwide resources.

"The quality of the syllabuses will enrich the teaching and learning experience with NSW students being the ultimate beneficiaries."

The Minister also announced that the government has provided an additional $25 million in funding over the next two years to specifically support NSW schools to introduce the new syllabuses.

"Of that funding, the government school sector will receive $22.8 million with most of the additional funding going to support teacher professional development," Mr Piccoli said.

"Following advice from the Board of Studies, and agreed by the Department of Education and Communities, an additional school development day will be provided for all teachers in NSW Government schools on Tuesday April 30. This follows a school development day that is already scheduled for the beginning of Term 2 on Monday April 29."

In July, the Board of Studies NSW and heads of the education sectors released a schedule for curriculum implementation to all principals.

The new syllabuses will be implemented in NSW schools from 2014.  For years K-6, English will be implemented in 2014, with optional implementation of mathematics and science and technology. In 2015, mathematics and science and technology will be mandatory, with history available for optional implementation. History will be mandatory in 2016.

For years 7-10, the new syllabuses will be implemented in Years 7 and 9 in 2014, with Years 8 and 10 the following year.

According to the President of the Board, Mr Tom Alegounarias, adoption of national curriculum content into NSW syllabuses is a significant achievement.

"The Board focuses on continuous improvement and spent a lot of time working with teachers to make sure we presented the syllabuses in a familiar and constructive manner and developed resources that will help them every step of the way," Mr Alegounarias said.

"And it's not just limited to teachers, every parent and student in the state now has a clear idea of what they can be expected to learn, and at what stage."

The Board is already working on additional support for NSW teachers including development of an interactive teaching program builder which will integrate with the new online syllabus and web-based resources.

The syllabuses are available on the Board of Studies website. A range of support materials for teachers and parents is available for download.


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