New directions for TAFE NSW

The NSW Government has set new directions for TAFE NSW during a period of reform in the vocational education and training area.

The Statement of Owner Expectations clarifies the government's expectations of TAFE in an increasingly competitive environment.

The new directions outlined in the statement were informed by the Let's talk about TAFE report, an extensive stakeholder and community consultation conducted by the NSW TAFE Commission Board and Newspoll.

Newspoll found that 96 per cent of respondents who were aware of TAFE thought its services were valuable to NSW.

The research also found that of those aware of TAFE, 94 per cent said it provided a valuable contribution to training people for business and industry, while 97 per cent felt TAFE was extremely or very important in providing apprentice training.

"There can be no doubt from these results that TAFE is seen as providing quality training and is central to communities across the state particularly in regional and rural areas; there is also wide recognition that TAFE must adapt to remain relevant and competitive in a changing environment," Mr Piccoli said.

More information

Statement of Owner Expectations
Let's talk about TAFE report


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