New credential to replace School Certificate

The NSW Government will introduce legislation to create a new credential - the Record of School Achievement - for students leaving school prior to receiving their HSC.

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli announced last year the School Certificate would be abolished.

The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) will:

  • be a record of student achievements up to the day they do their HSC or leave school
  • provide an electronic record of achievements that students can use at any time
  • use assessment by teachers in schools, moderated by the Board of Studies NSW to ensure reliability and fairness of grades
  • provide the capacity to record vocational courses and students' vocational experiences as well as citizenship and leadership achievements, such as first aid courses and community languages courses
  • offer online literacy and numeracy tests, with particular emphasis on work readiness, that students will be able to undertake twice a year from next year.

Mr Piccoli said the introduction of the RoSA represents the most significant change to secondary schooling in over a decade and will replace a credential first introduced in 1965.

"The RoSA will be available electronically and as a verifiable hard copy on demand with the most up-to date information on a student's achievements, across all subjects and a range of extracurricular activities," Mr Piccoli said.

"The Board of Studies NSW has consulted widely with the teaching and broader community to ensure the RoSA balances the need to encourage students to stay at school for their HSC, while still offering a meaningful credential to those who choose to leave earlier."

Read the Minister's media release.


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