New childhood vaccination legislation

The NSW Minister for Health has announced that legislation will be introduced to the Parliament dealing with enrolment in child care facilities and immunisation requirements.

The new legislation will require parents to provide evidence the child is fully vaccinated for age or is on a recognized catch-up schedule, has a medical contraindication to vaccination or has a conscientious objection, including on religious grounds or medical belief.

Those seeking exemptions will be required to fill in forms used by the Commonwealth, which must be completed by a GP or other approved provider after counselling.

Directors of childcare facilities will be required to obtain vaccination evidence or exemption prior to enrolment.

NSW Health will work with education department to ensure child care facilities are aware of the new requirements.

Consultation with the early childhood sector is ongoing and new legislation is expected to take affect from 1 January 2014.

Further information on this policy can found be at the NSW Health website.


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