Plan to boost Aboriginal opportunity

Coordinating employment and training opportunities within school and an increased focus on language and culture are features of the reform proposed by a NSW Government taskforce to radically boost opportunities for Aboriginal people.

The proposals are outlined in a progress report released by the Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Victor Dominello said the progress report is a step towards the NSW Government's new Aboriginal affairs strategy, to be released at the end of the year.

Mr Dominello said initiatives outlined in the report focus on achieving generational change through:

  • giving school students pathways to real jobs by getting local employers involved in career planning;
  • better supporting language and culture both in communities and in schools to better engage with families and motivate Aboriginal students to stay in school;
  • building the capacity of Aboriginal communities and non-government organisations (NGOs) to play a greater role in local service delivery; and
  • improving accountability – of and between government, NGOs, and communities – through independent public reporting and evidenced-based decision making.

The taskforce has announced nine community forums in August and September for people to have their say on the new directions and ideas under consideration by the Government and its Aboriginal partners on the taskforce.


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