National Year of Reading gets underway

Nurturing a love of reading is a key part of what schools do every day but it will take on added focus during the National Year of Reading 2012, which launched this week.

New South Wales public schools will be involved in a variety of events and activities throughout the year that will put reading in the spotlight, including workshops, readings and the popular Premier's Reading Challenge.

The year begins with book raps that use blogs to host discussions in response to a variety of media types, such as books, ebooks, films and websites. 

Audio slideshow

Listen to Year 6 students from Darlinghurst Public School — Ellie, Stella, Vito, Lily, Anna and Akira — talk about their love of reading, literature and their favourite books.

Find out more about what the department is doing during the National Year of Reading 2012.

Go to the National Year of Reading 2012 website.


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