Musical collaboration builds bridges

More than 1000 school children from 106 public schools in Sydney and from five Chinese provinces will get the chance to revel in the musical aspects of each other's cultures when they join together in song and dance at the Sydney Opera House next week.

Executive Director, Public Schools NSW, Murat Dizdar, said the Expanding Horizons Concert provided a unique medium for strengthening our relationships with China and gave students a window into other cultures.

"The concerts have been taking place since 2007 with students from China coming to Sydney to perform with our students and in the alternate year students from Sydney visiting China to perform," Mr Dizdar said.

"This cultural exchange allows Sydney audiences to witness traditional Chinese music and dance and gives students the opportunity to experience vastly differing choral, instrumental and dance styles in the premier performing arts space in Australia.

"There are also a number of items in which students from Australia and China perform together further reinforcing the collaboration between teachers and students of both our countries through this wonderful learning opportunity."


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