Work placement success

Maddelyn Wall with Workskills employment consultant Mark Perkovic

When ex-student Maddelyn Wall successfully completed a work placement in the administration office at Dapto Public School last year she could never have imagined how it would change her life.

But staff members were so impressed with her work ethic and motivation that Ms Wall has recently returned to the school as a paid employee.

The position, which involves Ms Wall working Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.30am-12.30pm, is successfully supported and funded by Workskills, which is part of The Disability Trust.

Ms Wall, who has Downs Syndrome, has never let her disability prevent her from achieving and with her effervescent personality and never-ending enthusiasm, Ms Wall is a very popular member of staff.

School administration manager, Linda Long said the school office team loved having Ms Wall working alongside them.

"She is a great asset. This year office staff purchased new uniforms, so we thought it was very important for Maddelyn to also have a uniform, to feel part of our team. She wears it with pride."

Ms Wall takes her new role seriously and enjoys the extra responsibility.

"I just love it - the office staff make me very happy ... I try to be very positive. It's perfect here."

Photo: Maddelyn Wall with Workskills employment consultant Mark Perkovic. Photo by Helen Cunningham.


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